1. The law of the mirror. The people around me – my mirror images. They reflect on me aspects of my personality, which I am often unaware of. For example, if someone is rude to me, so I am angry in my own soul at the moment, and in my own soul, to express myself through rudeness. Because there’s nothing to offend. Just to change your own attitude.

2. Right of choice. I understand and realise that everything is happening in my life – the result of my personal choice when I come out of my feelings and feelings. In the absence of claims. The author of his own fate – I myself!

3. The Law of Conformity. I own it and exactly what I meet, no more or less, or it concerns relations, state or finances. Since – all my claims are pointless. But when I change my attitude to what is happening – my circumstances too.

4. The Law of Presence – “Here and Now”. The past has not been known to be a long time ago. The future is not sure they are not yet. Getting attached to the past leads to depression, worrying about the future causes alarm. Living in this moment, accepting and enjoying every existing moment – it’s a source of happiness. We’re only born once. We are a pure consciousness that defies the birth-to-death cycle. Just to be born. Pure consciousness goes on an eternal journey. It will familiarise itself with a number of dimensions, planets, states and eternal divine consciousness. Stop thinking you have to live with caution, saving, fearing… losing, not getting, not experiencing, not buying. Living watching, giving your subconscious positive and joyous thoughts, finding it happy, not giving energy to pain. That’s how you just feed them and multiply them. Live and give birth to your own thoughts.

There is reason for pleasure! So many beautiful ones can choose to experience.

Be happy. Be grateful. Be internally peaceful.

Have a beautiful Ty Day in ?