Any relationship is a joint development or joint degradation. If one moves forward and the other remains where it was – people are also exposed to emotional cooling.

The common interest is an extremely strong instrument in a stable relationship. But if it is missed, boredom comes into the relationship. In time, everyone comes to think-alike in the circle of their own interests. Sooner or later, where positive feelings are, the person will be inclined to direct his time and attention. It’s nice to do things together.

Or partners will try to compromise for some time. With himself. With the other.

But another easily refuses a partner who doesn’t want to quit his comfortable comfort zone.

And there are people who are confused and are slowly abandoning themselves. Halts its growth so that partners “don’t mess up.” But the man who lost himself, she, in principle, is no longer in a relationship. Yes, there is a haggard mask, a decent performer of his duties, and an internally drained, attentive image. That image will constantly ask the partner to return his lost self-worth. This is extremely painful for both partners. The losers are both in this case.

When you give up yourself, you take away the opportunity to see yourself to your partner. You don’t have. And when you’re not, you can’t give your energy.

When I’m not myself, I lose my connection with myself and my energy is lost. But healthy partnerships are based on the exchange of high-quality cloud energy.

Valuable exchanges can take place between two open channels. It is important to be aware of it, its strength, its power, its uniqueness. At first, at least to be aware of yourself as the energy of a separate, wonderful channel through which the Divine flows.

When you are aware of yourself, you have the energy and the will to create and will to generate even more positive energy through hobbies, through all kinds of pleasures, through people who inspire. Life is becoming a great abundance of opportunity. You are becoming more integral to yourself and, consequently, to others.

But there are partners who forget, in their dizzying success, that the other has been the one who has come side by side and who, thanks to whose support, has been able to invest in, grow, all their time. This is the kind of false ego that works. That I am myself, I alone.

When a man is in good shape, the most beautiful sin of the world, pride, often comes on. We’ve been subjected to this test by everyone.

Of course, both sides are gaining their school in such a union.

But the harsh truth is that losing yourself is far more dangerous than losing the other. And the period of support does not serve it as a logical excuse: I refused everything for you. It is, however, a deliberate or unconscious choice where you invest your time-life. Choose to give your life time away, not to keep your life, but to keep your dreams filled.

Who can only take, life will teach it to give. But the one who can only give, not to feel the balance within himself, until he comes across with pleasure and gratitude, he will not learn. Everyone on earth has come to live their lives. It’s just a beautiful thing to create.

It is so important not to lose the person who is the closest to us in this life, for each of us.


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